Troy Freeman

Troy Freeman

About Me

My name is Troy Freeman and I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Fordham University in 2012. Currently, I am enrolled in Queens College's dual-degree Master of Arts in History and Master of Library Science Program. Overall, my future goal is to get a job in a museum or other related field like an archive. I also have a variety of experience in many different occupations, from law to pest control. In my spare time, I enjoy computers and film.



  1. Film
  2. Technology
  3. Popular Culture

Course History

Course Number Course Title Instructor
LBSCI 700 The Technology of Information Wu, Shuheng
LBSCI 702 Information Sources and Services Dali, Keren
LBSCI 703 Introduction to Technical Services Wu, Shuheng
HIST 791 Introduction to Historical Research Mellone, James
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